I am uncertain sometimes…of my future, of myself, of those around me. What I know today, may change tomorrow, but the one constant I know I have is the love and relationship I found in God. Before I went overseas to do volunteer work, I was completely lost, living for myself and utterly miserable.

I can recall specific moments in different countries-testing the limits of my small faith in Moldova, sitting in quiet reverence during a church service in Nepal, recognizing my selfishness in Tanzania. God literally chased me around the world. A girl, broken and confused, unworthy of such pursuit, suddenly found herself in the center of God’s attention.

If you were to have asked me a few years ago if this is what I thought my life would look like, I would have laughed. Living by faith and dependent on the generosity of others, the only plan I have right now is to follow where ever God leads me.

It is exciting yet scary, and my hope is to continue to share with you what God is doing in my own life and in those around me. So thank you to those who have been supporting me since the first day, and for those who just stumbled upon this blog. I hope, in some small way, my stories will be encouraging.

 If you are curious about the beginning, go here first.


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