Something’s Coming (Part 2)

Remember that saying, the best things are worth waiting for? Well for the past year I have felt like I have been in a season of waiting. It was like I knew that something was coming, but I just didn’t know what or when. So many people, friends that knew me and complete strangers, kept talking to me about patience, about waiting well, about soaking up where I was that day.

So I tried.

And I waited.

Turns out, although I felt like I was stuck, God was doing a lot of moving. He has been raising up an army here in Charlotte to combat the issue of sex trafficking. God was creating momentum and I needed to be still long enough to get swept up in it. I still do not know where this movement is going, but I do know that something is happening in this city.

I have met countless women who have stood up and said I want to fight. I have seen church leaders come together to share what they are doing to raise awareness and help sexually exploited women off the streets. I have talked with an organization that is going into the stripclubs and offering these women a second chance. I have seen the commotion events like the DNC cause in the trafficking world and the need for action met. I have witnessed men and women’s hearts break as they hear a local survivor’s story.  Something is happening, and as I find myself in the midst of all this, God is carving out a path for me.

One thing that I have been working on and waiting for has finally been confirmed…

I am going back to INDIA!

It will just be a short trip, but I could not be more excited. I have been given the chance by Forest Hill Church to take a small team from Charlotte to India, where we will work in aftercare centers with former and current prostitutes. For this trip I am partnering with Rahab’s Rope, a US organization that focuses on helping women trapped in the sex industry in India. I get the opportunity to lead a group of people passionate about fighting this injustice and expand their perspective. And while I am being supported by Forest Hill and the Ignite Justice Conference, this trip is open to anyone. So if you are in Charlotte and want to come, please contact me!

As for those who cannot actually go to India, or may not even be in Charlotte, please pray. I could use your support more than ever, as this city, nation, and world could as well.


One thought on “Something’s Coming (Part 2)

  1. Wow Hollis! Back to India again?! You must be a mix of excited and anxious and nervous, and who knows what else. But I know most of all, you’re ready! Look what all your patience has brought you. What a great story and testimony! Definitely praying for you. Love you 🙂

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