Something’s Coming (Part 1)

So I’m not the greatest blogger, in that, well, I just don’t ever blog. BUT that will soon be changing as I have some exciting things to share!

First though, I feel I need to catch everyone up to speed on what has been happening in my life since my trip with Halogen TV back in April. Well that trip was incredible; I mean there really isn’t a good way to properly express all that I learned, and saw, and did. I would say the biggest take away for me was that the experience solidified my passion and heart to fight for those trapped in sex trafficking. As badly as I want to do this overseas (ahem, Thailand), God has been opening up doors for me to do some work here in Charlotte, NC. Currently I am helping with the Ignite Justice Conference and heading up a session on sex trafficking. This opportunity has allowed me to meet some absolutely amazing people and connect with the city in a whole new way. So for now, Charlotte is and will continue to be homebase for awhile I think.

See that is another part of my news, and to me, the scarier part. After much thought and prayer, I have decided to try and go back to school. Not just any school, however, but seminary so I can get my master’s in christian counseling. Now those who know me probably think this is a no brainer, but this was honestly a really difficult decision for me to make. It not only means a lot of hard work in the form of writing and reading, but it is a pretty big committment, in all meanings of the word. I am committing to staying put, I will be making a significant financial committment in terms of student loans, and giving 3 or more years of my life to this. So for me, I did not take this decision lightly, but neither could I ignore the desire of my heart to help broken women reach a depth of intimacy and healing with our Father.

So as I enter this new thing, of making Charlotte home and fighting sex trafficking stateside and getting better equipped for what is to come, I want to invite you all into it with me. Many of you have already been walking this out beside me, you were there during my first World Race, and then my second, and everywhere in between. So I want to stay connected with you as I tackle what’s next, and simply try my best to follow the path He has laid out before me.

And I do have one more thing to share…later.


2 thoughts on “Something’s Coming (Part 1)

  1. I love reading your blogs. I’m glad you’re writing again, and I look forward to more news you’ll be sharing…later! Love you.

  2. Awesome. Was sitting here at work and peeps were like, did you hear about Hollis…I think it’s great. You’ll be a great counselor and help loads of people.

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