Posted in March 2012


Cambodia. I have been here before, but again I am struck by the poverty and desperation. The hopelessness left by the Kmer Rouge is still very tangible in some places, and the effects are devastating. The educated were targeted and fear invaded the nation. Now the country is rebuilding, but still, education is a rare … Continue reading

Guilty of Ignorance

There is a demographic within the issue of prostitution and sex trafficking that is overlooked. And I myself am guilty of this ignorance. While in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we had the privilege of meeting an organization called Urban Light. It is a bit of an extraordinary story, but basically one incredible young woman from the … Continue reading

What I do know is love.

I have been in Thailand for about a week, and per usual it feels much longer. In this short time I think I have aged many years over, and feel more equipped than before. But I sit and ask myself, equipped for what exactly? This trip to SE Asia for Halogen/Tainted Love, has proven to … Continue reading